Frequently Asked Questions

Who's behind this?

This is a partnership between Woman's Network Australia (WNA) and Alison Rogers from Stellar Property Concierge.

At WNA, our commitment is to empower women and, as a group, we have a collective power to put our passion into action through this exciting partnership. Together, we can use the power of our purse strings to save and make a contribution to helping vulnerable women and their families.

We are creating a movement that puts the power back in your hands.

So how does it work?

It’s simple. Every time someone makes a switch to a cheaper electricity or gas plan, through I Empower Through My Power not only do they save, but $15 goes to WNA charity partner at no cost to you.

How much can I save?

Already a number of WNA members have tried out this service and reported savings. One member received a savings of $150 and another member received a staggering $600 saving a year on their electricity bills. How much you save will depend on your current plan, and how much energy you use at home.

Still not sure how it works?

Make an obligation-free call to I Empower Through My Power on 1300271814 and a consultant will compare your current bill with offers from other providers. It’s a free service. If you decide to take up the offer, all the paperwork will be done for you and once you’ve switched, a donation to a WNA charity that supports and empowers women will be paid directly at no cost to you.

I Empower Through My Power focusses on the power of the purse and the importance of saving money – and using these savings to spoil yourself - you deserve it!

Many lives have been turned upside down in recent weeks and we want to offer you ways to have more dollars in your pocket and at the same time do some good for no cost for you.  We are NOT asking you to put your hand in your pocket.

More questions?

I have tried a switching company before and the experience was awful

Not all companies created are the same. We know 100% that you will love your experience with us.  We are a women-led initiative and we promise you we will never bother you, never deliver a hard sell or sell your data.

We created the initiative to be the change we wanted to see in the world.... because we believe that doing something to help women is better than doing nothing and we want to do it ethically.


Will I get bothered by telemarketers?

No. This partnership includes strict privacy provisions to keep your decisions in your hands. WNA does not provide contact details to any third party. You contact the call centre if you would like a free concierge service to see if you can pay less for any of your household bills.  Rest assured as well that our call centre is not a normal experience.  They are based in Melbourne and they will not sell your data or bother you after the initial consultation without your permission.


This offer allows you to exercise your purchasing power to save money on necessary household bills so you can spend more on the things you love and to help a WNA women's charity initiative.


Contact I Empower Through My Power on 1300 271 814 for a free bill comparison – it is a short consult time and if you have your last energy bills on hand it is even faster.  Go online to register for a callback.


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