What We Do

1. Provide you with a free concierge service to review your household bills to look for areas you can save
2. We look to find where you can save and if you are happy we then help you switch at no cost to you.
3. For every electricity and gas switch made, we donate from our own pocket to a women's charity & you get to go shopping with your savings!

I Empower Through My Power focusses on the power of the purse 

We want to offer you ways to keep more of your dollars in your pocket and at the same time do some good for no cost for you.  We are NOT asking you to put your hand in your pocket.

Our mission is to love our service and tell your friends.

The free concierge service is offered from our Melbourne office.

Our Charities

We mix up our charities as we want to share the good.  We also pick those small charities that we can really make a difference and where the donations go to where they are needed and not lost in administration costs.

By undertaking a free concierge service and hopefully finding savings, you are directly contributing to helping a not for profit charity that helps women.

We'll keep you updated on the amount we raise and who receives the donation.  Maybe you want to make a suggestion.

It costs you nothing to do good - just 10 minutes of your time.  Why wouldn't you do it?


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